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On the concept of rest…

July 8, 2018

So, I usually like to have a photo…however the new Apple photos app that came out last update is rather hopeless. I cannot seem to find any way of opening up the folders to add photos. I’m afraid you will have to manage with just writing.

Given the diagnosis of chronic fatigue, and consequent rest enforced I thought I would update you on how that is going. After all, I was training for triathlon up to 20 hours some weeks.



Sanitising the muck in your head…

October 25, 2015
The sun is rising over a small island in the Indian Ocean

The sun is rising over a small island in the Indian Ocean

My head is spinning and all weekend I have been trying to quiet it. I noticed a few months back that as work became busier, my head filled up a lot. It is an occupational hazard to dream about others’ problems, and have nightmares about others’ experiences. People bring the ugly side of life to me to leave in a safe place.

positive psychology and the concept of flourishing…

February 19, 2012

I recently heard a lecture by Prof. Seligman, the father of positive psychology. I loved so much of what he had to say, particularly that life should not be about just avoiding pain, but it should be about flourishing. Love that idea!