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our separate lives…

May 28, 2014

Musee D'Orange entry

We live in a messy world, where things appear to move in chaotic patterns. Interestingly enough, we humans (or maybe its just me?) seem to want to make things neat an tidy. We like the parts of our world to be nicely separated into boxes. (more…)


our ideal selves…

May 18, 2014


There are days I am my ideal self for whole minutes at a time. What do I mean? Well, we all aspire to be an “ideal self”, which may be that person who pays attention to others, makes soup for the sick neighbour, runs an errand while out to save doubling back, gives to the charity when they appeal, goes for the run at 6am on Monday morning… you get the picture. We all have these ideal selves that we see as who we would like to be.

Life is like my house renovation…

October 20, 2013


all gone...

I love my house, but it is very old. Its quite functional for lifestyle, however from time to time I need to upgrade. Currently, this is the bathroom. Decorated in the delightful ’70s decor of baby pink and baby blue, it has served well…however it is the size of a handkerchief.


In my life…

August 6, 2013
"All these places have their moments" - The Beatles

“All these places have their moments” – The Beatles

This past year my life has had a number of significant moments, and it occurs to me that each of them happened under stormy, dark clouds. For those that missed is, I completed Ironman 70.3 although I was sick on the day I managed a time of 7 hours 39 minutes, which was not too shabby given the illness. I learned to push through, to put in the training and see how far my body could go. I got a lovely medal too!

Its also been a year of loss. Loss of friendships, loss of loved ones and loss of time. Friendships come and go in our lives, and while each person leaves an indelible mark on us, at some stage they go in a different direction. Learning to let go and let them be is important. Hanging onto them forces us to be anchored in a place that holds us back. If we can’t grow together, we need to learn to let go. Its hard.

The repeated losses of loved ones over the last year left me in a place of feeling a little disconnected. Each death reminded me to live life to the fullest, however processing the losses one after another left me also feeling stunned (as in hit by a bus). I took some time out to process and accept the losses, to say my personal goodbyes and learn to live well amidst them. Too frequently people rush goodbyes and try to keep moving at the same rapid pace of life, this doesn’t allow healing. I encourage you to grieve well and say goodbye in your own way.

You may need a ritual, you may need to plant a new tree, you may need to write in your journal for hours on end, you may need to talk to a psychologist….do what you need to do, take the time you need to heal.

I feel well again. I am surrounded by wonderful people and will enjoy the next season of life. The clouds are receding and the sunshine is coming through… keep tuned in, I will write more!

the rest on creating margins…

September 25, 2012

So, this is what it looked like after pulling out a really old, non-functioning oil heater…the heater in the picture is a gas addition.

I started writing about margins a few weeks back, and here are the last 3 steps I went through to create some margins in my life…

creating margins…

September 3, 2012

When I was a child our little writing books came lined without a margin. The first thing the teacher would get us to do was use a red pen and ruler, and draw a margin on the left hand side of the every page. I used to look forward to drawing the margins, as it was a sort of “fun” activity that was part of “work”.

more on consumerism as a religion…

July 25, 2012

A few days ago I had a workshop, which happened to be at a shopping centre (a “mall” for my American friends). I rarely go into shopping centres, but since I had some time at lunch, I decided to go find coffee beans. As I wondered from one end to the other and back, I was reminded how these shopping centres are temples to the religion of consumerism.

There were several fast food shops, offering little healthy and good. There were even more shops dedicated to hair and make-up, with pictures of air-brushed models…”come and buy this and you will look like this” is the message. Then there were clothing shops, full of cheap clothes made in mass factories by underpaid labourers with no rights. There were two giant supermarkets, the two biggest in Australia that have been in a price war and are driving the farmers to bankruptcy in the process. There were also stores full of cheap stuff to fill your house with – knick knacks, nonsense, plastic stuff, etc. Clearly, I was unimpressed.

In reaction to all this, when I got home that night I looked up some hand-made goods. I discovered Etsy (which I have heard of previously). I bought a couple of small things online. Since then I have been considering this: Is shopping online just an alternative place of worship if your religion remains consumerism? I mean, its all very well for me to throw my hands up in horror at the shopping centre, but am I not still worshipping consumerism if I buy online instead?

Which leads me to conclude that simplicity is about choosing to live with less, not just about where you shop or the “vibe” of the place you spend your money. In order to challenge consumerism, I have to choose simplicity. There lies the challenge, not to switch where I spend but to switch whether I spend.