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The year I want to forget…

November 20, 2016

So this year I’ve been mostly absent from cyberspace and social life. It started with losing my very old and absolutely gorgeous white German shepherd girl, Lady Jane. That was just before Easter. She was the definition of loyalty and devotion. I miss my girl.

Then I finally, more than a year AFTER the move date, got the keys to my newly built Celebration Homes house. While much of the house was done well, there were a pile of things needing fixing…so it felt like I was handed over an unfinished house. 

At the same time, my old home was broken into and loads stolen, including my racing bike for triathlon that you see in the picture. The person selling MY BIKE in that picture is Cash Converters, whom I’d sent a photo to and who were meant to check the police stolen log before accepting stolen goods. They clearly do not care about the source of goods, and must have known it was stolen as they paid (according to police) just $200 for it.. note they’re selling it for much more. I recovered the bike but no other goods.

On the same night they returned and stole my car, got in a police chase and smashed it. So, for about 12 weeks I was living with borrowed cars and lifts etc. Not great fun while moving house. 

Naturally all this upset my dogs a great deal too, leaving me with behavioural issues to manage. They were very stressed, which resulted in some damage to the new house (I had to replace a whole door and get professional painters in!).

Moving house is supposed to be very stressful in itself. My move was nightmarish and some matters are still outstanding (like the refund from the moving company TLI transport, who damaged goods and overcharged me). I think it has taken months for me to settle after all this. The dogs have finally stopped barking when someone drives past, so they’re calmer too. 

My mantra has been about self care. I’ve taken long walks, been on very long runs, spent hours sleeping and been very careful about diet. I’ve stopped all extra activities, and only done the essentials outside of home. I’ve not been very social, nor very community minded in terms of volunteering. I have been able to recalibrate. I’m finally out of the mental fog that an overload of cortisol (the stress hormone your brain produces) brings and can think clearly. 

I’m glad that before this year I learned about self care, about rest and about saying “no”. These lessons have helped bring me through this nightmare year. So, I’m ready to embrace the new year, ready to think about what I’d like 2017 to look like. 


Kindness matters…

October 19, 2015

I work in a world of pain, it is a world where sometimes people are hurting because others deliberately hurt them. There are many times this doesn’t make sense, many days I’d like to live in a different kind of world. 

As I go through life, I see hurting people everywhere. I also hear meanness and judgement. I also become cynical because I know some lie, some deceive and some will sell their soul for gold. I get tired of agencies asking for donations, of volunteers asking for support and of generally feeling guilty that I can’t give to it all. I have seen the lazy masquerading as mission workers in third world countries, the greedy spending nothing on loved ones and all on themselves, and the selfish demanding their needs be met without considering the needs of others. Cynicism and I are well acquainted.

Yet, through all this I cling to GRACE. I hang on to kindness and compassion as the guiding lights of my behaviour. For as I look back a dark moments, moments I felt I was drowning in sorrow, it is the kindness of others I recall. The compassion of those who helped me is the food of my soul that balances the cynicism. 

We live in a world where there is cruelty, but I choose kindness as the path I travel. You too have a choice.

on the new cult of productivity…

January 7, 2014

Mont St Michel

As 2013 came to an end and 2014 began, it seemed that everyone was talking about how to be more productive this year. I heard radio interviews, saw news items…productivity came up in my blog feeds and online news… it seems a new cult has come to town. Unlike the previous cult of consumerism, where there are temples to worship at, productivity is a silent devotion.

Having the “I wants”…

September 19, 2013


I have realised over the last week that I have a case of the “I wants”… Where it came from and what sparked it I have no idea. I am learning that contentment is a matter of choices, decisions, reflective living and having a grateful heart.



September 11, 2013


The poster is from Pinterest, unfortunately I don’t know who to thank.

I live in a democracy…we recently had an election and due to the preferencing system in the vote (I.e. each party or person can trade preferences with one another to improve their numbers after the primary vote is counted) there are several people heading to the capital to make decisions on our behalf. (more…)

What makes “news” and why should I know?

August 20, 2013
The way we used to find out news, the local market...

The way we used to find out news, the local market…

There appear to be regular elections and other such political nonsense (IMHO), and lately the airwaves have been clogged with news of individuals running for office talking about other individuals running for office. No one has really outlined any clear policies, but the scare-mongering and general misinformation on topics like refugees is annoying. So, my question is: How is it decided that a story makes “news” and who makes the decision? (more…)

all set up…

February 24, 2013


I have finally sorted out the technology side of things in order to simplify my life. I must say for the last 8 or 9 months while I have been setting up and testing and changing things, it did not seem simple at all. In fact, the set up process seemed downright difficult and complicated most days.