On goals and motivation…

I took this photo while visiting someone…it’s rather blurry as I was being discrete. ☺️  It’s easy to set goals, to read motivational blogs and books, to get the outer appearance of one who is achieving goals. It’s also easy to be very busy making goals, reviewing goals and reading up to check if your goals are on the right track.

A few years ago I ran a training program for leaders. It went for 12 months. About 8 months later one of the members rang me asking should he join a program to achieve his goals run by an international leadership guru and costing a large sum of money. My answer? You can pay any amount you like to be motivated, but if you don’t follow through personally by executing, then you’re no better off.

In my opinion, the key to getting the goals done is execution. You have to follow through, you have to do what needs to be done…and that doesn’t wait for you to feel motivated. You can read more books, review all you like and refine goals weekly, but if you do not act on a consistent basis, it all means nothing. Don’t wait to feel motivated. Just do what needs to be done. DECIDE to do it, follow through. 

I hope to hear of great achievements from you throughout this year, because you CAN do, you just have to choose to.

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2 Comments on “On goals and motivation…”

  1. Trish Says:

    wise words

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