When things go wrong but people think they’re right…

I live in a world where I am watched. Not in the creepy big brother way of most government instrumentalities, but more in the way of people looking for guidance. The funny thing is that people assume my life is smooth, easy and I’m always “up” or “strong”. 

It’s unfortunately not true. Like all other humans, I live with frailty as part of my make up. Things go wrong in my life, and sometimes lots of things go wrong at once…then I feel overwhelmed (like everyone else). The key is I’ve learned to just be… To just be human and not have loads of judgement about it.

No “I should” or “that’s unfair”… No judgement like that. I’ve learned to accept it, to roll with the punches and get up to keep going. Life is full of challenge. Life is full of possibilities. Life is there to be lived.

Walk gently through life, because it’s true that you don’t know what demons someone else is fighting. Reserve judgement. Show care. Encourage them to get up and keep going. In this way, we get through it together.

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One Comment on “When things go wrong but people think they’re right…”

  1. James Says:

    too true

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