Sanitising the muck in your head…

The sun is rising over a small island in the Indian Ocean

The sun is rising over a small island in the Indian Ocean

My head is spinning and all weekend I have been trying to quiet it. I noticed a few months back that as work became busier, my head filled up a lot. It is an occupational hazard to dream about others’ problems, and have nightmares about others’ experiences. People bring the ugly side of life to me to leave in a safe place.

So, what I have been working on for some time is a self-care plan…a plan about how to look after my wellbeing in the heart of darkness that I sometimes work in. Until a few months ago I did well with this. Then, work got busier, and I had a shoulder injury that stopped me doing a lot. Now, I find myself in a messy place where my head swirls with thinking, thinking, thinking.

I am once again working toward a place of wellbeing. For me the tools of wellbeing are prayer, journalling, Bible reading, classical music, riding my bike, running, diving and swimming. Add in there a good mix of wonderful friends and family, and you find sanity (kind of like sanitation from all the muck).

Work will be busy for the foreseeable future, but I am improving my sanitation of it all and working on calmness within again. I have done well this weekend in finding calm. Now, to carry it into the next week with me.

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