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Musee D'Orange entry

We live in a messy world, where things appear to move in chaotic patterns. Interestingly enough, we humans (or maybe its just me?) seem to want to make things neat an tidy. We like the parts of our world to be nicely separated into boxes.

Of course, seldom can we make it work. In the last 4 days I have had 4 “lives” intersect and crash into each other, completely unexpectedly. It always feels like you are thrown off kilter when that happens. Strange, how did life A and life C meet in this space? Why did life B and life D run into one another so violently here? I am not sure if the dizzy feeling afterwards is from not understanding how it happened, or being taken by surprise that we cannot control the universe?

At times the best course of action is to privately understand that its best to simply walk away from the train wreck. Other times it is helpful to develop the context and pattern around the clash. I am not sure how others deal with it. Today I simply went into shut down and don’t talk about it mode. A few days ago I explained the transition space and what my life was like now. Our history catches up with us.

Perhaps that is a reason to try and live well and do right by others? In the event the boxes of your life collide, you will not need to fear resentment following. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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