on the new cult of productivity…

Mont St Michel

As 2013 came to an end and 2014 began, it seemed that everyone was talking about how to be more productive this year. I heard radio interviews, saw news items…productivity came up in my blog feeds and online news… it seems a new cult has come to town. Unlike the previous cult of consumerism, where there are temples to worship at, productivity is a silent devotion.

Before you stone me or accuse me of living in the past, please note that I enjoy efficiency. I like the gains of free time when I have been productive and efficient. I enjoy having options of what to do in my free time, as opposed to having no free time and feeling like the coal diggers of the 1700s. So, that said…

It concerns me that we are so focused on being productive, that it becomes the goal. We lose sight of purpose and the power of reflection, all in the pursuit of producing more. This then feeds into how we view ourselves and others. What is your value? How do you measure your worth? I fear in the current world, it is by productivity and production. However, in truth you can be extremely productive but a complete jerk. You can produce profits, but lie and steal to do so. Somewhere, the focus on productivity is far too close to the idea of the end justifying the means.

Perhaps we need to take time out to reflect some more…walk in a quiet garden, visit a monastery or sit by the ocean. In this time we need to recognise the worth of ourselves as humans and the people around us. Not because people are being productive, but just because they are there. Innate worth, inner value. Each of us has it. How are we treating one another?

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