Life is like my house renovation…


all gone...

I love my house, but it is very old. Its quite functional for lifestyle, however from time to time I need to upgrade. Currently, this is the bathroom. Decorated in the delightful ’70s decor of baby pink and baby blue, it has served well…however it is the size of a handkerchief.

For those who have been followers, you know that there have been a number of fixes and upgrade and so on through the years. I have done enough to know that it never quite goes to plan…and that there is always more stress during the process – which is a lot like life.

No matter how much I have “fixed” in life, there always seems to be more. No matter how many relationships go through the growth and adaptation phase, there is always more to grow in a relationship if you want to keep it. You can have the most up-to-date i-Toy (etc.) but an upgrade is inevitably required. I actually still have a functional laptop with Windows XP! However, I know that there would be less I could do these days on it if I were working fulltime on it for admin.

I’m tired of renovating, I’m tired of fixing things up at the moment (this might have something to do with being up until 1am trying to “just get a bit done” and the previous weeks of preparation)… However, I would be very unhappy living in a house falling down around my ears. Walls crumbling away due to damp or ceilings falling down are no fun either. So, I invest time, money and energy in fixing and upgrading.

Sometimes in life I get tired of fixing things, I want to let people just slide away or a relationship just fall down. However, then I remember that these people are precious to me…and so I fix things and upgrade and marvel at the shiny newness of my relationships and friendships every now and then.

I hope you have relationships worth renovating…

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One Comment on “Life is like my house renovation…”

  1. Sandi Says:

    Your fixing time will never end……life is constantly working on ‘fixing’ and making new or newer, no matter what it is. Life is a work in progress so fixing is part of life as we know it.
    I guess in the ‘fixing’ one can also use ‘compromising’; that is what life is about.

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