What makes “news” and why should I know?

The way we used to find out news, the local market...

The way we used to find out news, the local market…

There appear to be regular elections and other such political nonsense (IMHO), and lately the airwaves have been clogged with news of individuals running for office talking about other individuals running for office. No one has really outlined any clear policies, but the scare-mongering and general misinformation on topics like refugees is annoying. So, my question is: How is it decided that a story makes “news” and who makes the decision?

I have noticed that increasingly opinion pieces are paraded as “news”. Really, its just someone who has an opinion telling you what it is. There is little or no information, and even less research done. I suppose a little like this blog, it is someone airing their views. But, this is not news.

Why do opinions by politicians or business people take up so much airtime on the news? How is it that this is “news”? Last I checked it is just that these people have a view or opinion, however they are not providing us with information.

Some 200 years ago we would have gone to the local market and heard about the news of wars, understood who in our community had passed away, etc. These things were news, they told people about the events of the world around them, provided some facts of what was happening. However, for us we often don’t know about the events of our communities. There are few facts and little information on events. Perhaps a return to meeting at a community level is what we need?

Community, we need more of it. I wonder if we can use the online experience to recreate community at a local level? Wouldn’t that be fabulous?!?

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