This simple life, not so simple???


You may have noticed my photos have moved, this is because I’m using an iPad for my posts and I have to learn how to position the photos. This is part of the not so simple part of life…

Due to having some allergies (as yet unidentified) I needed to do more cooking. Much reading of reviews and blogs later, I decided that a Kitchen Aid would help me with food preparation. I bought the lovely yellow one above…but it came with some stuff like an icecream bowl to make icecream and such. Then I found some other attachments which would make it even more useful…and I bought those. I don’t regret the purchases, on the contrary cooking has been easier and better…but, umm, more stuff, not so simple.

Then last week my office was broken into. They must’ve wanted quick cash stuff, they made off with very little…but my laptop went with them sadly. On the bright side I use dropbox and lost no data… The laptop was password protected, so they can’t use it. However, in reviewing how to provide clients with even better data protection, I came to understand that the iPad would be better. So, I ordered an iPad, and then, of course needed the stuff that goes with that, like a printer. Alas, more stuff coming my way!

To add to the above, my Android phone has been playing up chronically since before Christmas… Some days it’s almost useless. Enter the hunt for a new phone….and, you guessed it, the iPhone came into my world. Another thing adding to the stuff, with its own stuff like chargers, etc.

Truly, I love living with less. I really don’t enjoy shopping, and would rather go for a run. However, in trying to maintain my simple life, I find it necessary to embrace these complications sometimes. Now I will spend some time adjusting, making sure there is a smooth flow of work around the stuff…and return to my simple life…

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