Where have I been???


You might have noticed I seemed to vanish for a while. All that time building margins into life, then I vanish??? I hear you ask, I’ve had some correspondence. Firstly, apologies to those who follow my blog. The break was not planned and weeks just rolled by without me catching up. I hope this explains, or at least fills in the blank.

In August last year I started having trouble with several symptoms, including feeling generally unwell. Just after the half marathon run, I got tired. Nothing unexpected I thought, after all I’d had a hard couple of months training. However, the fatigue got worse and worse. By October I was trying to nap in any spare moment. Only doing the absolute needed tasks for living…

I went to the doctor, we went through myriads of tests…all of them found nothing. However, by this time I was having a bundle of symptoms indicating an allergy. Five (yes, that is 5 different!!!) antihistamines a day and I was able to function again. Since December I have been on the improve, although at the moment there is not much exciting in the diet. I consulted a dietician, who is helping. I’m booked for those skin-prick tests (but they couldn’t get me in until April) and hope to resolve things then. Meanwhile, it’s most likely some food additive…which makes for focusing on a healthy diet.

Two weeks ago I went back to training for the half ironman (70.3). It’s taken a huge amount of mental challenge as I’m only just feeling human in the last month again….and now putting myself back into the fight zone. However, it will be worth it.

Over the coming months I will talk about the challenge, and get back to talking about life matters, values, etc. Thank you for waiting friends. I am back on track.

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