the rest on creating margins…

So, this is what it looked like after pulling out a really old, non-functioning oil heater…the heater in the picture is a gas addition.

I started writing about margins a few weeks back, and here are the last 3 steps I went through to create some margins in my life…

Step 4 I revisited my use of technology and what I needed to do to improve workflow and use of the net. This led to a couple of new apps being loaded onto the ipad, and a decision to change mobile (cell) phones as soon as my plan is up. I have a few months to wait, but its another decision I no longer need to hold in my mind, the decision is made. In March all I need do is follow through.

Step 5 Having done the smaller jobs I could manage on my own, I then called on friends when I needed a hand (such as with putting up a floating shelf). I arranged for them to come round and have dinner/lunch/afternoon tea so that we could have some time to chat and catch up (getting into the margins in life mode) before doing the work. Having friends to bounce ideas off was helpful as well as some of what I wanted to do was rearrange the furniture and storage in the lounge. In bouncing ideas around, I was reminded of the very first idea I had when I moved in – I wanted to use the fireplace as a way of having lovely, pretty storage. Finally, I came round to this again and we did it! Exhibit below is the final product of our work.

The completed fireplace, just awaiting an electrician to provide power and aerial behind the tv

Step 6 I then arranged the things that required professional help. Some people would say I should work on simplicity and DIY, however I made a considered decision. For example, I got the paving man who completed the 30m of paving in less than a day. It would have taken me 5 weeks of every spare moment I had and the job would have been so-so, with me having to probably redo parts of it regularly over the coming years. By getting a professional in, I have achieved a huge amount of work and wiped out a major job, buying weeks of free time. Some things are better left to the professionals…

So, overall, as I put aside the month of September to create margin, I have done so. Now that the hard work is done in the garden, it will require minimal maintenance. The lounge is more restful and less cluttered, allowing me to rest when I am in there. The many little jobs that used to clutter my mind, jumping up and down and demanding attention are done. As I have a very old house, other things will happen, but I know that I will have the space to deal with them. Meanwhile, I will have margins in my life that allow me to be there for the friend who just had an operation and could do with a hand with her housework, and the friend who is unwell on her farm can count on me to help with the animals more often… Margins have given me space to commit more to my values.

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One Comment on “the rest on creating margins…”

  1. Janelle Says:

    Taking care of things frees you to love people. I have some things I need to take care if today. Thanks for this!

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