how I started creating margins in my life…

Recently I posted about the need to create margins in our lives, to be able to live with enough space to move so that when we were pushed we would not fall off the edge. Some have wondered how I planned on doing that??? Well, here is the “how to” guide from me.

Step 1 I made a big list of all the undone jobs and “to do”s in my life. This included things like: making a quilt I promised, cleaning up my garden, fixing my ceilings, rearranging my office and getting comfortable furniture (I sit up to 8 hours a day in those chairs, they have to be comfy :))…you get the idea. Basically, anything that was cluttering my mind, things that I knew I needed to get to went on the list.

Step 2 I “bought” time back – I withdrew for one month from all the regular activities such as pilates classes, gym, etc. I only turned up when I HAD TO. Everything else was put in a holding pattern. This created a space and time for me to get focused on the above list.

Step 3 I started on the things I knew I could finish quickly so that I could get momentum up, and then moved onto the things I could do without external help. I cleaned, pruned, mulched, dug up sand, moved sand, planted trees…and more!

I have made good progress, and it cost me enormous effort, work and energy. Half way through the month and I need to have a few early nights to recover. Next time I will post the final wrap up of the margin creation program.

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5 Comments on “how I started creating margins in my life…”

  1. jacquiboxall Says:

    This is great and very realistic! We are so busy that the things we need to get done can’t get done squashed in around our ‘normal’ commitments! Margins are the answer! Love it! Great life planning skill.

  2. Julie Robinson Says:

    I’m motivated to make my list. But I’d love some before and after photos. šŸ™‚

    • angelvalerie Says:

      Keep an eye out as I plan to do a few in time… keep in mind it will be 8 years of time not just a month šŸ™‚

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