creating margins…

When I was a child our little writing books came lined without a margin. The first thing the teacher would get us to do was use a red pen and ruler, and draw a margin on the left hand side of the every page. I used to look forward to drawing the margins, as it was a sort of “fun” activity that was part of “work”.

Margins are the bit of space on the side where you can add information, where corrections can be made or there is just room for more. We used to use them all the time when paper was the primary form of storing information. Even on computers, there is a built in margin just to make it look better. Life needs margins.

More recently life has been very busy. There have been the usual commitments – work, family, friends, clubs, hobbies, sports… but there have also been more demands as I have several friends who are seriously unwell. In the middle of starting the run around to meet all the commitments, there were no margins left in my life. I had crammed my bit of life full to overflowing, where notes to self began to run over one another and things were forgotten or ignored due to the mess on the paper.

I decided to commit September to creating margins in my life again. This means that over the next month I will declutter to simplify household stuff, clear up the calendar and put plans in place – one of those plans will be empty space! – and I will try to clear up some of those things-to-do that have been hanging about waiting for time. The idea is to reduce the amount of commitment I am trying to keep up with so that there are margins again in my life. Space to think, to breathe.

Why not join me this month? Let’s create margin together. Please feel free to tell me what you will do to create margins in September in the comments.

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