being here now…

I love goals and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll be aware of focus and goals and the things that I think are important. Today, however, I want us to think about this moment. I’ve been teaching mindfulness for a while now, and as people are trialling it at home, they come back and say it is changing them. In a fundamental way, being mindful of the moment makes all the difference.

The flower in the picture above is beautiful, I love the colour, the texture, the stillness of it. However, it no longer is. If you go to that spot today, you will that flower no longer exists. Life can be momentary for us too, we wake up one day and realise we are in our 50s and wonder why yesterday we still felt like we were teenagers. Time zipped right by us! So, while goals are important, so is taking time out to be here now.

While on holidays last I saw that many people were seeing the place through the viewfinder. They were so busy photographing the food, they forgot to taste it. Some were so busy trying to upload the photos of the last 5 minutes that they missed entirely the next 10 minutes. Why the obsession with capturing the moment on film? Is it about showing others that “yes, I live an interesting life, just look”? Is it fear of forgetting where you have been? Or a combination of these? How many tourists while in Asia have come to the end of the week and said “oh, another temple”, and then stayed on the bus? How quickly we let moments slip by.

Being here now is what you need to focus on. Just sit there, or stand. Feel the air on your skin, smell the air, listen to the sounds, be aware of where you are and focus on it. Give yourself permission to fully immerse in the moment you find yourself in…and breathe.

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