I am not sure who created this sculpture, or any of the others at the annual “Sculptures by the Sea” exhibit. However, whoever they are, these sculptors are inspirational! They bring new ideas, thoughts and emotions to us in our everyday contexts. Why should public monies be spent on this? Because we all need inspiration!

Life has ups and downs, there are so many challenges we face. If your life is like mine, then just when you are over one thing and think things are getting to an even keel, something else crops up. It seems like you can never quite reach equilibrium…and at times when its been wave after wave of challenge, you need some inspiration.

Art inspires us, quotes and mottos inspire us, and ultimately the lives of others inspire us. In my home I surround myself with all these…art on the walls and in music, quotes in frames, mottos in my photo tabs and biographies on my bookshelves. It is a way of living in community, drawing on others to inspire us when we are working through troubled times. “No man is an island, entire of itself…” (John Donne)

Look around your home, take note of what you have around you. Does it help inspire you? When you are struggling, does what you surround yourself help inspire you? If not, then take a look around and get some inspiration. One of my favourite websites to visit is Margitta’s “white as linen” blog.

Share with us here what inspires you… and start today, get inspired!

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2 Comments on “inspiration…”

  1. jacquiboxall Says:

    Thank you Val for reminding me why art is so important, and God’s art in nature too of course, as Margitte’s blog showed. I am inspired!

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