marking time…

Overnight 1/3 of 2012 left us…yes, we have 66.6% of the year left to focus on our goals and invest ourselves in what we dream about. The interesting thing is that often people are marking time, just waiting for great to happen.

Yesterday someone said that long ago I had decided to be fit and healthy, I’d been making good choices for years. Therefore, somehow I was already in a great place in life. For her, the choices were yet to be made and “great” felt like it was just too far away. So, she didn’t bother. She has been marking time, waiting for a magician to make it all seem easy, better, immediate.

Life doesn’t work like that. Wherever we are today is the result of a lifetime of choices. You know that eating a packet of donuts today will not cause you to be 5kg heavier on the scales tomorrow. However, making a habit of those donuts will eventually show up on the scales. Therefore, you can lie to yourself and say “see, those donuts made no difference, I can do it again”. Why not turn that right around? Start saying “see, that run made no difference, I can do it again”. Using the exact logic that got you into unhealthy lifestyle choices to get you out.

I get annoyed when people assume it was easy to be here. I love my life, I really am free and blessed and have an amazing life! However, I did not get here by marking time. I got here by working jolly hard, by making tough decisions and by following through when others gave up. I got here by sheer determination never to give up. And the truth is, that all of those things are needed to stay here. I am only 1 bad decision away from making a train wreck of my life.

It’s that close. I don’t fear it, I don’t say that to gain sympathy. I say that to make it real for you….so that you understand living a great life is entirely doable. However, it will never be easy.

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