the continual growth cycle…

I was talking last week with someone who asked about why life goes from one challenge to another… My pat answer was that without challenge there is no growth. Their reply was to ask why growth was so important anyway??? I had no answer to that. Without change there is only death. A rut is a grave without a stone. I’m sure we are familiar with these and other proverbs that encourage us to keep growing as people.

Like the tree in my picture – taken high in the mountains where there was only mist and rain to be seen – there are times you feel that you are first fighting through rock to breathe, and then have a never-ending battle with gravity and natural laws to keep growing. I think all of life is about growing, however the challenge is to make the best of the experiences that force us to grow.

So, how do we manage the growth cycle? I know from watching my garden there are a few things we can learn from nature:
1) When its time to grow, stretch everything, push through the rocks and reach for the sun.
2) After you have had a big growth spurt, rest a while, take time to settle into the new space you occupy.
3) When you know a new season is coming, take some time to prune back, don’t be in a hurry to grow until you have adequately shed that which is no longer healthy.
4) Too much of a good thing is bad, over-fertilize and you will burn the plants. Anything in excess can burn you.
5) Water is good, but if you overdo it then you end up with no nutrients. Keep a balance so that you don’t dry out but don’t flood away good either.
6) Growing past the toughest things like rock will only serve to make you strong, don’t try and hold back when the going gets tough.

Growth happens, how it happens – whether it will be good, healthy and positive; or negative, unhealthy and horrible – is up to you. Manage your growth and your life will be healthy and joy with satisfy you.

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