…more on the “to do” lists we have to manage…

Last week I started talking about managing our “to do” lists. Unlike famous blogger Leo Babuto, I am not a fan of ditching lists because I find them helpful. It clears my head to write lists, it helps me prioritize once I see things in writing, and makes my decisions easier.

So, write down the things you need to do – no need to sort the lists out, just keep track of the list really. This is known as “capturing” in most productivity systems. So, once you have it down, then you keep track of whether or not you have done it – simple, if I crossed it out, I did it. If not, its still there to do.

Feedback comes in the form of not having done something. We then need to figure out if it was part of a bigger goal, are we going to prioritize it next week or not? If not, are we adjusting the goal or simply leaving it be?

Having time to reflect on whether or not we have achieved our goals is important. Build time into your week to THINK. This might be the most valuable thing you do in your week! Just sitting there thinking about your life, your goals, your day-to-day activities is important. It will give you invaluable information about what your values are, what your priorities are and how you are managing life.

If you decide that you are not pleased with what you learn from reflecting on life, then it is time to make some decisions. You might need to start setting goals, or start using the goals you have set to more directly influence your “to do” list…. or you might need to start a tracking system that is going to give you feedback.

Questions? Comments? Please post them here! 🙂

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