managing the list of things to do…

Next week the Commonwealth countries of the world descend on Perth for a series of meetings. All of a sudden there are closed roads, changes in holidays and police all over the place. From my perspective, it just means more on the list of things to do, because now I have to check I can access the places I meant to go, check the shops will be open, etc. Like I didn’t have enough on the list!

Someone mentioned the other day that it was 10 1/2 weeks until Christmas, imagine that?! I know it has been coming for the previous 365 days, but I still feel a little taken by surprise. Why? Because I seem to have a never-ending list of things to do that take my attention from the goals and future to the now, the immediate, the urgent. So, what do we do to manage better???

Step one for me is making sure I keep my goals in mind. I read through my annual goals every few weeks to remind myself what I had decided would be important to me this year (I wrote about this at here). Focus on the future.

Step two is that as I travel through life week-to-week I make sure that my “to do” list is about linking back to the goals I set. Some things are part of life (see the mundane blog) and we just need to get them done, but also then we have choices about what we focus on…and making sure the to do list is about the goals we set is a key.

Step three is reflection and evaluation, which is often about writing things down. By tracking what we do, we have feedback that tells us how we are doing with the goals. Its not always fun, e.g. if we said we are going to save $20 a week and then track our money and find that we have saved $20 a month, that sets a challenge… the question is what we do with that challenge…

I will follow up with what we do with feedback to keep managing the “to do” list next week…

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