stop the planet, I want to get off…

There is that old saying “stop and smell the roses” which encourages us to slow down our lives and remember that beauty is all around us. Taking a minute or three to stop and appreciate the world is wonderful! However, if you are like me, then you find yourself living at a pace that means you are rushing through life, slowing only for the sharp corners. When you realise this, you suddenly want to yell “stop the planet, I want to get off!!”

The question is how we build a balance into our lives so that we can do the things we need to, but also have time to enjoy nature. I suggest that it is possible, but it requires us to make deliberate choices daily, weekly, monthly and annually. I suggest the following steps all are a move in the right direction:
1) Be clear about your vision. Know what it is you are living for, and if you are not sure then take some time to work on this.
2) Once you are clear about your vision, set good goals that will help you get to the vision step-by-step. I set goals annually, however some of those are sub-goals to a larger goal that might take several years to complete. However, I know that I am working towards something I want in my life.
3) Review your goals regularly and allow them to guide your decisions about where you spend your time, energy and money daily. If you have 20 things to do this week, then make sure that most of them are contributing to a goal you have set.
4) Organize your time to work with the goals, making your “things to do” lists part of the overall plan.
5) Track yourself and review how you are going on a regular basis. I suggest quarterly because it is easy to be reminded when the seasons change.

This is not “foolproof” as a way of living more deliberately, but it will take you a good way down the road to being more in control of your own life, and enable you to resist the pull to busyness… so that you can stop and smell the roses đŸ™‚

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