starting over…

Ever felt that you wanted a fresh start? Ever felt that life was overwhelming and your mistakes too many? In my experience, we have all been there. Mistakes, bad choices, unanticipated consequences…these all make us want to start over. Just as when we write in the sand at the sea and the ocean washes it away, we can have a fresh start tomorrow.

Life doesn’t give us the kind of new start that eliminates these things. BUT life does give us the chance to start fresh ourselves. You can choose to be different, to do different, to move forward… you can get up out of the dirt and dust yourself off and keep running the race. In fact, if you are ever going to finish, this is what you must do. How?

Step one, forgiveness. I know its hard to forgive others, even harder to forgive yourself. We are only human and mostly doing the best we can. In order to move forward, you must let go of the past. Recognise the lessons, learn them well…then let go of recrimination and guilt.

Step two, love. Surround yourself with people that love you – they are there, it might just feel like you have to look hard. Find them, connect with them, let their love fill your heart and mend the broken pieces. Love others, love with reckless abandon! Don’t punish those who do love you for the mistakes of those who never did.

Step three, focus. Don’t sit and think about what is gone, don’t ruminate over what could have been “if only”. Remember, you let it go in step 1. So, now it is time to dream, time to focus on the future. You are now in the place where you get to create tomorrow… it can be a tomorrow based on the mistakes of the past, drowned in shadows of condemnation… or it can be a tomorrow based on what you learned and have decided to do, based on choice.

These things will take an enormous effort of your will. Want a “do over”? Forgive, love and focus!

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One Comment on “starting over…”

  1. Vernon Says:

    Great Post!

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