this adventure we call life…

In times of reflection lately, it occurs to me that a great deal of life is lived in the mundane. Most of our time is spent doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry, travel to and from (work, school, etc.). It seems far too easy to lose sight of the adventure that this life is when the mundane colours in most of our day. How do we keep perspective?

I think there are a few things we can do to keep focused on the adventure that this life is.
1) Never take for granted loving someone. Express how you feel, let them know how special they are!

2) In the midst of the mundane create moments of adventure and passion everyday. This may be stopping to really smell the roses, taking time to laugh with someone, refreshing your screensaver with a photo from your last holiday, sending a letter to encourage someone… We have time everyday to experience moments of life’s adventure.

3) Take time to be thankful. Say your prayers before a meal, write a gratitude journal for a month, tell the bank teller thanks for their service. Everyday, be thankful.

4) Inspire others. As you travel through the mundane, you will run into people who have lost their way, lost their passion, or are overwhelmed by the mundane. Live an inspirational life! Encourage them to dig out their passion, chase their dreams, find their magical moments in the middle of the mundane.

Yes, most of life is lived in the mundane…and every mundane moment allows the adventure of life to shine ever more colourfully and glow ever more brightly… I encourage you to engage in the adventure that life is… live, love, laugh!

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One Comment on “this adventure we call life…”

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