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This post could have been titled “the power of role modelling”, because ultimately we learn what we learn from others. A tale for reflection…

Once upon a time (like all good tales start) lived a little girl in an apartment with her daddy. At the age of five she began school, waking up early, getting dressed and heading off…sometimes dressed with the correct socks and shoes, sometimes not. Since there was no one to role model, she simply wore what seemed right. Breakfast, hair brushing, teeth brushing and suchlike were not part of life, indeed she just headed out whenever. One day she made friends with another little girl down the road and they started going to school together, then she started getting to that friend’s house earlier and found out about breakfast! A new concept… role modelled by the kind mother of the friend. After school the little girl would take whatever money had been left around for her to buy food, she took herself to the shops and then bought whatever a child given a free reign would buy… biscuits, cakes and icecreams. The foodstuff of heaven… and in her world entirely normal. Life went on thus, and eventually the little girl grew up and knew lots about being normal from watching temporary role models through TV, movies and the lives of friends. Unfortunately, the most important things in life are not role modelled in this way…

And there lies the moral of the story, that we need to think about what we role model for others because often we can major on the manners at the table, when the person we are working with doesn’t even know how to engage in a healthy conversation! May kindness and compassion enlighten us as we walk through life and encounter those who do not know “normal”! Not everyone has the privilege of family, home, warmth and good role models…Don’t presume to judge the actions of others until you know their story…and then may compassion and mercy be your response.

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