how I used my adrenalin overload…

So, with the storms around life and the adrenal glands heading into overdrive, my body is pumped with adrenalin and cortisol. Neither of these is good for you long-term, they are designed to save your butt in crisis…not to be a daily chemical in the system. You will be familiar with both these hormones, they make you feel edgy, hypervigilant, tired, unable to sleep, and so on… check out “fight/flight response” on wikipedia. The double trifecta I talked about has not changed a great deal, the essential elements of stress are just the same. Some thing have shifted, but my system is pumped with adrenalin.

So, what to do? Well, I decided to use it up! How? Train harder and longer for both bike and run… and it makes a difference. Yes, my body is still producing way too much adrenalin but it is not hanging about in my system. Hence, there should be fewer long-term health issues for me to deal with. Why does it work? Because your body uses up what is in there to drive harder under stress – and physical training creates a stress load. The second reason it helps is that if you are in emotional pain, this is a healthy way of getting past it while you deal with issues. Too many people I talk to self-harm from emotional pain… they self-harm because the physical pain gives relief to the emotional pain. By training harder you get the same outcomes, without hurting yourself! This is key, because eventually you will be well emotionally, and then you do not want to have to deal with the physical scars left from self-harming.

If you have noticed an overload of adrenalin and know that anxiety is causing you to meltdown, then please use a healthy strategy to deal with it! Go on, train harder!

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