ever hit the trifecta? (or how do you handle a meltdown???)…

Have you ever hit a day, a week or a month where you felt that you were melting down? Where hiking up into the mountains and never coming back seemed like the rational solution? I am sure we have all been there. Today, how to think about it and then apply that to preventing meltdown.

So, first thing is keep notes! Seriously, keep notes of the meltdown, the stuff that goes on with your thinking during it, before it, after… write it all down. Then try and build a picture of what when on. Usually if there is just one thing on that list, you won’t hit meltdown… for me it takes a trifecta. One or two things I can handle, three or more and I start losing ground.

The key then is to recognise those things that add to your trifecta – lack of sleep, work stress, illness, troubled relationships, all these and more are part of the deal. So, start paying attention. When you see your count adding up to the trifecta, take a break, make some head space, step back.

Of course, a lot of the meltdown issue is that we get there because we are put in a position where we can’t just take a break. That is why life management is important – making sure you schedule in break times before you feel you need them, maintaining good relationships with people who can pick you up if you fall over – before you fall over invest in these…. and clarity on what the issues are that will help you not hit the trifecta.

Having recently hit a double trifecta (yes, 6 stressors at once) I am blessed to know I am OK – because I have been surrounded by people who love me and picked me up. I also already booked in a break, so have some recovery space. There is still one major repair of a relationship to do, but since the rest is in place, I can give all my focus to fixing that. Meltdown had, recovery in process…

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