on self-discipline…

I swim, I bike, I run… I do triathlons. Since completing my first season, I have been asked by countless people “how do you do it?” Everyone has a story of wanting to get fit, keep fit, be fit and strong. And almost everyone has a reason why they can’t. After the question, comes the statement “I wish I could be as self-disciplined as you”… followed by more wishing for what they want.

I am not superwoman, really I am just a pretty ordinary gal making my way in life. How have I managed to finish studies, study more, run a business or three, start a business, do triathlons etc? By knowing what I wanted! Self-discipline starts with knowing the difference between dreams and goals, and then focusing on the goals.

There is no special secret to self-discipline except to just get on with what you want to do. I want to get fit, I go to bed early so I can get up early, I have my running/riding gear ready… I get up and I tell myself “get out the door”… Work works, and it never gets easier. Three years on it is just as hard to get up and run on a cold morning as when I first started. Three years on I still just get up and do it – because I have a goal.

So, the next time you wonder why you are not self-disciplined, don’t berate yourself. Step back, check in with your goals, weigh them up and think about whether they are really what you want or just dreams… then simply commit to doing the hard work. Let me know how you go…

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