when is near enough good enough?

Is it just me or are there loads of perfectionists around? I seem to run into them on a regular basis. They all appear to be unhappy people. I have always been a “near enough is good enough” kind of girl when it comes to general life. Given my professional work is highly demanding, when dealing with clients I do want to deliver the best service. However, when it comes to the garden (for example), I am happy to say “that’s almost what I wanted, so its OK” and then call the job done. The question then is “when is near enough good enough?”

I would suggest that having a clear answer to that question is probably going to help you have a happier life. The answer lies in examining at what point you achieve a sense of satisfaction. If I am delivering a service and I say “there its done” but know that the client has not received the best care possible, then I have no sense of satisfaction. I did something badly. However, when I look at the garden and have completed work on it, even if it is not perfect, I have a great sense of satisfaction.

I think measuring your work by your sense of satisfaction is a secret well known to artists. If you were to measure the exact leg length and so on of Rodin’s “Walking man” in this sculpture, you would find it is not perfect. However, as a work of art that communicates, it does exactly what Rodin wanted it to do. Many arts you look at will have minor “flaws”, however the artists see those as part of the communication.

What about yourself? Are you able to recognise satisfaction when you feel it? Are you able to think about satisfaction instead of measuring perfection? How much freedom do you experience when you consider this? Perhaps near enough is good enough when you have a sense of satisfaction in your work?

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