Going to Paris was an indulgence for me, it was about doing something I’d always wanted to do and enjoying the time there. It was not about work, mission, outcomes or productivity. In our lives there is time for indulgence and doing these little things. However, I think there is danger when we overindulge.

Having one lovely pastry will not cause a problem for most of us, but taking on the entire smorgasbord will. We need to be aware of indulgence, not so that we never do it but so that it is controlled, monitored, managed. It may sound counter-intuitive to talk about managing indulgence or controlling it, however if we will then indulgence will contribute to our lives. It gives us the break from routine, the time out from normalcy. Indulgence can be a good thing.

However, there is no doubt that if you don’t manage it well, then it will slide into control mode. Before you know it, you are spoiling yourself all the time, allowing yourself to become who you did not plan on being. Unhappiness lurks behind overindulgence friends, unhappiness in its worst forms.

I don’t go to Paris regularly, in fact have only been the once. I possibly will never go again… However, I have other little indulgences for myself that break the monotony of life and refresh me in little ways week by week. Care to share yours? Leave a comment…

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