I’m back from the hiatus…

I have written before about the seasons of life, and my own recent hiatus from writing was due to a season change in my own life. Just as spring is coming to the gardens in this photo of the Tuilleries Gardens in Paris, so my own life has shifted into spring.

Until 9 weeks ago I was working in a paid job where every two weeks I received money, whether or not I was busy, there were public holidays or just holidays…the money rolled in. Nine weeks ago I made the break and began to work for myself. While this is something I wanted to do for several years, it was only 9 weeks ago that I was able to finally do it.

The first 3 weeks I went on holiday, I took a much needed break and fulfilled one of the dreams I’d had by spending time in Paris. Paris in spring was lovely. For the majority of my working life I have worked for someone, had to answer to someone and been paid by someone. Now, I was free of all that.

With freedom came responsibility. I now am responsible for my bills and making the money to pay them. I am responsible for my time – what I say yes or no to is up to me. While this was daunting, I had some good friends as houseguests for the last month and gave little consideration to it. However, now as I sit here writing my first blog for almost 2 months, I can see the changes more clearly. no longer are the leaves just beginning to bud on the trees of spring, but they are starting to grow and the tips are green… what a life of promise I have to look forward to!

I will write more about how I made the change from paid employment to self employment another day.

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