living in the past…

I have been travelling a lot in my life, and most recently I spent time in Paris. The “city of light” prides itself on having been around for over 1000 years….and there are loads of museums and art galleries to testify to the past, including the catacoombes (this picture was taken there) where hundreds of bones were moved to in order to help the city expand… imagine that?!

The thing about Paris is that the place was lovely, the people friendly and the food fantastic, but, well, there seemed to be a lot of focus on the past. It got me to thinking about my life, have I been resting on my laurels, basking in “glories” (and “failures”) of the past instead of moving to a new future? While I agree that the past does influence us, I am a firm believer we have control of our destinies.

So, understanding that the past is over, and that we create our future…. how do we get trapped in the future by the past? Often it is our mindset. We simply believe that whatever happened – whether you were the Prom Queen or failed that crucial exam – determines everything from that point. We allow that belief to form and then inform the decisions we make about the future. I can’t study because I failed an exam once. This is the kind of thinking that holds us back.

It is time to break away from the story of your past. One excellent question to ask whenever you find yourself bound by the past is “Who would I be without this story?” Really spend some time on that…. and then allow yourself to determine your future. Dream big!

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