living deliberately…

The title of this blog reflects the one thing I believe necessary for a satisfying life – we need to live carefully and thoughtfully for the future we want to have. People have used this phrase and borrowed concepts, however I am quite convinced that the thoughtful life I intend needs to be brought to our minds again.

In the 1950s the western world went through the “modern science” phase, when we believed that bigger and faster always meant better. We built bigger cars, faster planes, higher buildings…and only almost a half-century later are we realising that we may have destroyed instead of created. In the midst of “better” we failed to plan…and our oceans are now littered with the waste (the picture is from the last Project Aware dive, an annual event to clean oceans).

I believe our lives too can be like that. Without reflective thought about our thinking, and without clear assessment of our behaviour, we can end up with consequences we never intended or planned. While we don’t all want goals that are black and white, we need a framework for evaluating where we are heading in our lives. Goals are a way of doing that, providing us with a framework to decide our actions and where we are going.

We need to begin with the end in mind. How are you travelling? What measure do you use to check that you are heading where you want to be in life? Over the coming weeks I will be taking time out to reflect on life so far, and I will be posting some further reflective questions…

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