about the idea of blogging…

I know that I went AWOL for a while in the last few weeks… I didn’t mean to abandon you and appreciate people asking me “what happened?” Nothing really happened, as the new year came round I found a few new links and blogs, and realised that there are a million people out there blogging on goals and strategies and simple living…and that perhaps what we didn’t need right then was one more voice in the cacaphony. So, I took to silence for a while.

What I notice about life is that often there seems to be a natural tendency to pay attention to the loudest cry. Unfortunately, the loudest is not always the more urgent nor the most important. We do get side tracked oh-so-easily. So, as I did not have something particularly important or urgent to say, I decided a bit of quiet was in order.

People start blogs all the time, however rarely do they continue. Like most projects, the fun wears off and the churning out of “stuff” is no longer such an attractive option…. better to wait and see if we are inspired by what’s on TV. Since there is largely nonsense on TV, seldom does inspiration return…and the quiet abandonment of another project commences. I hope to be a voice that continues to blog, but only while I have something of value to share. I do not want to clog up cyberspace with a bunch of nonsense words and un-analysed thoughts just to be heard. I hope to contribute something of value to you when you read my blog.

One of the ideas I rather like is that of writing your obituary. We have all done this exercise at a group function of some sort I am sure. Last weekend we had terrible bushfires and over 70 families lost everything but what they were standing in and each other. To help them maintain perspective, the obituary was a good idea. In the end, the only thing that really counts is what value we invest in other people… as the quote goes “he who dies with the most toys, still dies”.

Take a moment and think about what you are leaving of value in the lives of those around you…

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