compassion and mercy…

In Australia we have seen unprecedented floods in Queensland, and New South Wales and Victoria are now also impacted by flooding. In Western Australia we have had another bushfire. These disasters have left devastation of lives in their wake. It is incomprehensible to the rest of us the scale of loss.

While there are those who go on about their lives as if nothing has happened (because it has not happened to them), the majority of us are shocked and respond with compassion. We are willing to help, we want to see others lives bettered after the disasters.

So, what does compassion look like at this time? How do we show mercy to those who have lost everything except the clothes on their back? As lives are rebuilt, we can start by giving money. Money will help them buy what they need. We can encourage them with words, reminding them that they can overcome. We can pray for mercy as they deal with loss. This story touched my heart about two young people losing their parents.

I would ask that friends around the world show compassion and mercy to those who have lost everything. You can help by donating at the official site. Please only use this official government website so that money does not go to scammers and others… Hang in there Australia, we’re going to help!

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