its a new year!

It has been a busy and interesting Christmas-New Year season for me. Of course, despite Christmas being scheduled for a full 365 days – well ahead of my usual 6-week requirement for events – it took me by surprise this time. So, the holidays are here, and so is summer (for us)!

There are hundreds of blogs on goals and new years resolutions and all that motivational stuff, which is good. There are few blogs on enjoying your leisure time… why is leisure such an industry now that it has become scheduled in just like work. Its funny I tell people that I do triathlons, and they assume that I have set, tight training schedules with huge gym work mapped out etc. Then they look at me quizzically (because I do not look remotely “buff” or “ripped”)… and I have to explain that so far I do train 6 days a week, but its doing the stuff and having fun training… it is FUN… it is what leisure is meant to be.

So in my few days off for this season, I decided I really wanted to dive some. At first no one was available and it seemed like not happening…but suddenly the world came alive again over the weekend! So, I am diving this week – 3, possibly 4, times (I was diving last night and took the pic right after cleaning up). That will tire me out a bit, and that will mean lots of time spent lying around reading or watching a movie… again FUN… it is what leisure is meant to be.

Can I encourage you to find the fun things you enjoy doing? Go out and join a gym if that is fun, or run, or dance…or….well, whatever it is… But, don’t allow your leisure to be programmed in like it is work all over again, and don’t allow the fun to be sucked out of it. Perhaps you’d like to share what you do for fun? Leave a comment 🙂

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