revisiting goals and motivation (is this the never-ending story?)

Thinking about goals and motivation is a constant theme in life, and somehow often the easiest things to give up on. It is hard work keeping up motivation and working on the goals you have set. I have found at least 312 reasons to give up on goals and a dozen more ways to kill motivation. The key is just plain old “taking the easy road”.

The easy road is so attractive, requires so little of you, and promises instant gratification. On the other hand, the road to goals is hard work, requires much and delays the sense of achievement for what can seem an age. In my experience, the road to success with goals starts with a lifelong commitment to growth. In so many ways, you never arrive, you just shift the goal-posts.

In order to maintain motivation, having clear goals is the first stage. Then you need to maintain focus on the goal. The pain which would normally cause you to call a halt, stop, rest needs to be ignored as you focus on the gain. Self-discipline and some organization are required. The ability to delay gratification becomes absolutely significant, and you have to find out how you are going to manage the mental challenge of that. Then, once you have achieved the first goal, you need to set a new goal… keep moving.

I know that there are people who don’t like the concept of setting goals, and who are happy to flow through life as they go. My experience tells me that living in a reactive way rather than a proactive way leads to far more frustration than managing goals does. Setting goals and working towards them is a proactive way to live, and has a great sense of achievement.

Yes, its tough. Only the strong survive. Come on, join the tough, let’s get going!

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