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I have a lot of people through my home, and at least two or three times a year I have house guests. Given my wide network of friends and family, someone is always travelling through or on holidays. I love having people around, although I am a loner by preference. How does that work?

I truly love my friends and family and enjoy having them in my home. It is a blessing to be able to extend my home to others and to know they have somewhere completely stress-free to stay. I enjoy having the time to catch up in person, hear their stories and see how they have grown.

It can be a challenge though. My life does not stop, generally I am not on holidays, and work demands continue. This leaves me with a dilemma – should I take a break every time I have house guests? Should I open my home fewer times? I cannot spend long periods of time and take holidays everytime people come to stay. I often feel guilty that I have invited people to stay but hardly seem to spend whole days with them while they are here.

I also find that it helps to keep my training regime up, as this tends to be my “alone time” where I get to think and reflect. In the past I used to give this up when house guests came, but I find I am better if I maintain. Getting a bit of escape is great.

Lately I have taken to encouraging my house guests to treat this like their home, given them a key and encouraged them to explore the city. I try to plan one special event with them, and then get on with my life as it usually looks and invite them along on my journey day-to-day. So far, it works OK…although I still feel guilty for not playing hostess with more time and energy. What do you do?

I enjoy having house guests and am so blessed to have these wonderful travelling friends. Lovely to see you, stop by anytime 🙂

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