information overload…

Ever feel like this mule? Just so overloaded that you cannot make a clear decision? One of the odd things about living in our modern world of technology and connectivity is that sometimes there is too much information.

I like to know what I know about…which sounds odd, but really it means that I like to really get to know all of the information possible about subjects. For example, I have been training for the new triathlon season coming up. I have been reading and subscribing to blogs and books and websites for months now. What I have discovered is that there is just far too much information to absorb it all, or even if I have absorbed it to make good use of. The solution? You have to know when to quit!

Recently I wanted to buy a new TV, again you can read and research and find out information endlessly, but you can spend so much time gathering information that the decision-making process is crippled. And I thought more was better…. sometimes, more is just more, or even too much.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed with information, then I suggest you start but stopping. Stop collecting more information, stop reading new information (which most likely is a rehash of what you already read), stop trying to digest every piece of knowledge about the subject. Unsubscribe from blogs and websites and newsletters. Once you have taken a good 4 week break, then as you go about DOING you will know what information is useful to you. Now you can find where you got that useful information and subscribe to that only.

If you will remove the information flow into your inbox, then you can give your brain time to sort through it, file it and use it well. This is a much better way to manage life than to simply gather every bit of information and never do anything useful with it. This will allow you to live more simply and be faithful to your own values.

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