why I wish I lived on an island some days…

Its not that I don’t love my life, because I do. I can’t complain about my job, I love that too! However, there are just some days that I wish I lived on an island with a very simple life that did not involve cars, technology and instant communication… Ever have days like that???

It all started with decluttering. It has taken months but the lifetime of paper I have accumulated is mostly in PDF form on a computer now… photos, letters, journals, uni notes (just in case I need them!) and so on… I have been thrilled with the space created by shifting all this stuff OFF shelves and OUT of cupboards into an external hard drive. Ahh, safe… well, it was until…

One day I decided to shift the files around and rename them, make sure that they were easily searchable by folder etc. While doing this, I thought I had highlighted the “personal finance” folder and I hit delete as I was thinking about finishing up. I closed up everything and headed off for a meal. *Cross to weeks later*

Last week I found 2 whole BOXES of unscanned journals and letters! Yikes! And I thought I had finished :/ Oh well, not to worry, start scanning again… I decided to copy the files for the day to the external hard drive. Alas, where had that “personal” folder gone??? It was then I realised that I had accidentally highlighted the WRONG folder and deleted it. Because it was an external HD, there was no “recycle bin”… a lifetime of journals and letters vanished in a moment of lack of concentration. I know I should have thought of backup but the external HD was my plan for safety! Alas… woe is me for I have deleted… I have since managed to find the files using some modern software and good old google and so the day was saved.

Meanwhile I have two email or website accounts for which I wrote the passwords down, so I know I am typing them in right but I cannot get access…what happened?!

Some days I wish I lived on an island…

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