about that groove…(getting out of the mud)

A few have said that they have the goals, they feel clear about what they want to do but they just can’t get themselves moving. It feels like they are stuck in mud with their foot on the accelerator, the car in gear and going nowhere… I have been there. Here is what I do to get out of the mud and moving again:

1) I find that usually I have let lots of little things slide, you know, things like the ironing, dishes in the sink, email inbox getting fuller, etc. So, the first thing to do is to give yourself a shake and look around at life, and take notice of what you let slide.
2) The next thing is to make a list of things to do that mean clearing out and then give it some focused time, e.g. for 3 days in a row you get up 1 hour early and clean up, deal with emails, bills or filing, etc. If you do this by getting up early in the morning, then you have a defined time because you will still need to head out the door for work – this means you won’t be giving whole days over to getting back on track.
3) Over a few days track where it is that you let things slide first. For me it is usually my early morning run, if that slides everyday for a week, chances are everything else is sliding as well. Once you know what the key is for yourself, then decide on a plan to address that one thing. Don’t try to deal with everything this week, just start there.
At various times for me this has meant joining a gym, getting a friend to run with me, setting several alarms in the house so I had to move to put them all off, and finally getting a new training coach to monitor me. You will need to think about your options for whatever it is that causes mud in your life. Feel free to comment here and share.
4) Once you have started with that one key thing, and you have caught up from the early morning clear outs, then you will find yourself moving forward again. You know what you have to do now, just do it 🙂 The secret is planning – put the stuff into the diary – and you will organize around it.

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