getting in a groove…

Having just come back from holidays, it almost feels like I never went away… I slid right back into my groove within the first week. The thing about a groove is that it makes life interesting – how? Well, when you don’t have order and ritual in life, then everyday you are playing catch up with a list of things to do and you are never sure when you are going to fit it all in. When you develop a good discipline of ordering your life and having rituals that help you get through things, you end up with lots more free time – time to think and time to do new and interesting “stuff”.

Part of the challenge is getting into a groove that works for you. I have seen almost every productivity tool known and tried a great number of them, I was a child of the filofax era! So, what works for me? Firstly, having a schedule of what I do when. For example, on Sunday nights I will fold, iron, put away all the washing so that the house is ready for the week. On Monday nights I swim, that allows me to sleep in on Monday mornings without feeling guilty. Being in a groove gives me freedom.

The other thing I do is keep a “to do” list. I have regular things that I have to deliver on (such as assignments) on teux deux (check out and the daily moment-by-moment stuff in a small notebook I carry around. I do not have a prioritising system as I find that I know what is important, the lists are just a reminder to save me having to carry around that info in my head. This allows mental space when I am in the groove of my life.

So frequently I hear people say how difficult it is to be disciplined with their lives or get an regular order into their lives. They seem to say that based on believing that somehow a groove ties you down, in my experience it frees you up!

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