back into the swing of life…and its SPRING

I am back from my sojourn to the ends of the earth. Well, it wasn’t really the ends of the earth, but it certainly felt that way when the road ran out! On our way in the mini-van we hired, we had a delightful tour of the mountains, lying down in the back and looking up as we went round and round the mountains climbing up and down was fun. However, getting to the very top of one of the mountains, the road literally ran out! Nothing but massive boulders and what felt like the edge of the world… turns out the driver had never been out of his province before and had no idea how to get where we were going!

Its always great to have a good break and see old friends. I love the new experiences that holidays can bring, and always enjoy other people doing the cooking and cleaning 😉

I am now back into the swing of life, and enjoying life. I did come back and rearrange the furniture, which I had been meaning to do for a while. I also started to do a good clean out of the house, with an eye on getting to the garden soon. What I am aware of is really making sure that I build some fun time and reflective thinking into my everyday life… after all, it shouldn’t take a long holiday to give us a better perspective on our lives.

Spring is bright and full of promise, and I look forward to enjoying it.

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