the mid-year check up…

So, the half-way mark for the year is passed and we are starting to live the second half of 2010. The winter solstice is gone, and days are getting lighter for longer (yay!). Time to locate that list of goals and sit down to have an honest evaluation.

Firstly, given half the year is over, you should be half-way to the goals. Perhaps the easiest way to figure it out is to run down the list and give yourself a score out of 10 for each one. For example, I have done about two-thirds of that goal, so I will write down “6/10”. You score a full 10/10 for the goals you have completed! Well done!!

The next thing is to look at the goals that are not half-way or more done. Ask yourself why, look at what you are doing to reach the goal, and then start some planning. What do you need to do in the next 5 days to move this goal from the low score to a 5? Find the “to do” list, write that down. Repeat with each goal that is under 5. Review your “to do” list and check that there are a list of actual things to do, not just vague ideas. “Get the registration form, sign and fax with payment” not “look into registering for …”

Now, have a read through all the goals and remind yourself about why you wrote them down. Then start evaluating how your strategies for achieving these are going. If there are not clear steps to reaching the goal, then try to develop some. Keep these somewhere that you can refer to them as you do your list of most important things to do each week (weekly MITs). Ensure that as you plan your week, you refer to this list and add in the “to do” so that you start working to the end goal. Put the “to do” in your schedule.

Repeat this regularly, and on 31 December, celebrate!

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