of dreams that die…

There are times that we hold dreams dear to us, that we set some lofty goals based on values that are central to who we are. There are also times that such dreams die.

I always consider myself an optimist, those who know me will tell you that generally I am the one with joy, with a positive outlook and with a big goal I am working on. However, even I have found that there are times that no amount of pig-headed will, optimism and hard work will achieve a goal. Sometimes dreams die. Usually slowly, as in when one grows up and realises that you just don’t have what it takes to become a vet. Sometimes dreams die quickly, like when in a moment a doctor tells a woman that she is unable to have children.

Whether your dreams have died in a moment or over some time, the pain of loss hurts. It takes time to gather yourself, to lick your wounds, to refocus your life. Allowing yourself time to grieve and let go of the dream is important. Some will say “get over it, get on with things”, but they do not understand the death of a true dream… its so different from letting go of a wish, which is much more like catching a bubble on your hand, knowing it will burst any second.

After some time of grieving, and coming to terms with the disappointment, you realise that life goes on. The sun still shines, the earth turns, the seasons change… birds sing, rain patters down and the oceans roar. Life!

Then it is time to learn. Look at the dream that has died, learn something about yourself from it. Apply that lesson and start to lift up your head to look at life ahead. Remind yourself that not all dreams die. Focus on the dreams you still have left, look at the other goals you have for your life. Having learned some valuable lessons, use that to move forward and start fresh on the other dreams….

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