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A few weeks ago someone started a discussion on a Linked In group about the glass ceiling for women. According to Wikipedia ( the glass ceiling refers to the following:

… is a limitation blocking upward advancement, and “glass” (transparent) because the limitation is not immediately apparent and is normally an unwritten and unofficial policy. This invisible barrier continues to exist, even though there are no explicit obstacles ….. When a company exercises said discrimination, they will usually attempt to use an indirect justification …. The “glass ceiling” is distinguished from formal barriers to advancement, such as education or experience requirements. Mainly this invisible barrier seems to exist in more of the developing countries, in whose businesses this effect is highly “visible”.

What I find interesting is that I have never come across the glass ceiling. I am not sure if it is the places I have been, the people around me, or just dumb luck, but never in my life have I been prevented from doing what I wanted because of being a female or a minority or a migrant. I am all of these things.

Today in Australia there is much talk about the breaking of the glass ceiling because there is a female Prime Minister. It seems to me that she may be proof that at last in the Western world, the glass ceiling has been smashed. Now, if only we could encourage sisters in developing countries to stand up and go where they want to in life, the world would be a better place.

If you have had experiences with the glass ceiling, why not leave a comment and share? I’d love to hear what others have had to live with.

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