Life can sometimes be a long journey, and along the way we often say goodbye to loved ones. Saying a goodbye, especially if we are moving or migrating can be tough. In Australia people have adopted the phrase “see you later” instead of goodbye, similar to other countries where “jumpa lagi” is used. How often we try to distance ourselves from goodbyes *smile*

When one moves frequently or travels often, you have to figure out how to manage the grief of losing loved ones. It is difficult to live with “goodbyes”, in fact some people even find it difficult to declutter (and end up hoarding loads of stuff they will never use!). Of course a few hundred years back when we all lived in small villages, death was the only time we really had to say goodbye. Since then the modern world forces us to say goodbye far more frequently. There are times I wish for the village..sigh.

So, how do we get through the goodbyes? I do two things. The first is to focus on the hellos, the new adventures and people that await. Keep the future in mind with a strong sense of optimism. The second is to keep a gratefulness journal, to remind yourself that the pain of the goodbye was worth it.

I trust you are going to heal from goodbyes, grow through those loved ones and enjoy future adventures with optimism.

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