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I have completed one of life’s busy seasons… I am sure you know the kind, when you seem to have a dozen projects on the go, work suddenly gets demanding and you have no time for yourself at all – suddenly everything is about deadlines and “to do” lists. We have all been there. Fortunately, a few weeks ago I anticipated the busy-ness when looking ahead at my calendar and was able to take some time off about now.

In the past I was not good at anticipating when I would need time off, and went through life thinking “oh, this is temporary busy-ness, I’ll be fine when its over”. However, without good recovery time I would find myself dragging through life for weeks after the busy times no longer really engaged with life, just trying to recover. After a while I got smarter, and I have started to take a day or two off here and there after these busy seasons. Nowadays a day or two of rest (which mostly involves sleeping in, reading a novel and nothing more productive than washing the dishes) gives me the chance to recover from the busy seasons.

I have tried to balance life and control it, so that such busy seasons would not happen. I foolishly thought that good management would bring about a steady level of work and life over time…I say foolish because there is no way of controlling the big, wide world. “Stuff happens” as the T-shirt says. So, we need to make decisions working with the ebbs and flows of life, rather than trying to dam them.

Accepting that there are going to be unpredictable busy times, that as we go through life, it will throw us a curve ball, is important as the first step to rest. Once we understand busy seasons, and then ensure some rest in order to recover, we begin to manage stress. Rest is a season we need to enter into after seasons of busy-ness.

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