dreaming your dreams…

So, all of a sudden this week I have had an increasing drive to think about my dreams. I had a friend ask why I was still working in a little parttime job I have kept for many years. I had no good answer, except loyalty (which is not bad). Truly though, yesterday morning as I sat at the computer screen I suddenly pictured myself somewhere else, doing something else…a long-held dream that I have not acted on. Perhaps it is time?

After that film “The bucket list” came out, everyone was talking about their lists. I have never seen the film, however its a good idea to have a list of things you want to do. I have a few dreams myself, things I want to do before I die…. and they include visiting Paris and writing, among other things. I suppose that is part of doing this blog for me, enjoying the process of writing my thoughts for the world to read. I have always been patient about the list, I have not been driven to start working on it frantically, but have kept a steady eye on my list as I formulate goals and plans each year. I must say I have done well with my life so far.

Now however, I find myself in that place where perhaps I need to make some choices. I need to make decisions about how I would like to move forward with my life. Yes, I love what I do in my own business as a psychologist, I love what I do in terms of volunteer work….and I love the training and exercise that being in triathlons pushes me to. My standard answer to “how are you?” these days is “I am truly terrific!” and I mean it. I love my life. The question is, is it time to push some more comfort zone boundaries now?

Perhaps dreaming your dreams is not enough? I think that dreams are a great place to start with your life goals and plans. However, if you don’t make the tough choices between the good and the dream, then I think you end up losing. So, for me, the future decision is clear – loyalty or not, I need to look at how best to move forward with my dreams…and that means saying goodbye as I close another chapter of my life. I know when I have finished the book of my life, it will be worth the pain of saying goodbye.

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