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Logging onto the global village

Over the last few weeks I have had several conversations with friends and acquaintances about Facebook. It seems that more people have signed up and left the social networking site than I realised. The comments have been that it is a waste of time, that people feel the relationships are artificial, that the people who are “friends” on facebook would never deign to talk to them in person, and so on.

I myself resisted the social networking frenzy for most of the last few years. I never understood why people would spend time online when there was so much life to be lived in the real world. This has been tempered recently since I found that facebook can be a useful tool. You have to have rules though, otherwise you might use a hammer to crack a nut.

Some thoughts about managing the social networking sites…

1) If people live close enough that you can talk to them in real time, in the real world, then don’t use social networking to communicate… get on the phone or drop round.

2) Don’t get involved with the 1001 applications that are supposedly going to help you keep in touch, they just give developers access to your information and suck up your time. If you really want to grow a garden of vegetables, head outside and start one!

3) Don’t say “yes” to random friends invitations from strangers, if you don’t know someone, they are not your friend. If you don’t recognise a name, then check out the friends you do know and see if this person knows you through them. If they do, check that you have met or are likely to in the real world… before you accept offers of friendship.

4) Don’t upload everything you have ever written or photographed, select a few things you want to share with friends… if you aren’t interested in seeing 409 photos of the round of golf you played last weekend, nor is the rest of the world.

These are just some ways of making sure that the social networking serves you as a tool and does not become your master. If you have some ideas, please share…

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